April 2021 Newsletter


“Sounds Easy” Series

Hear the incredible stories and music
of our beloved Festival Artists

Click the photo above (or this link: https://youtu.be/L09PGHwFB7w) for an exciting announcement from James Campbell regarding this new virtual series! Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar!
Sunday, April 18
2:00 PM (ET)
Eric Friesen
Sunday, April 25
2:00 PM (ET)
George Zukerman
Sunday, May 2
2:00 PM (ET)
FOTS 2021 Launch
Sunday, May 9
2:00 PM (ET)
Moshe Hammer
Sunday, May 16
2:00 PM (ET)
Cameron Crozman & Guest
Sunday, May 23
2:00 PM (ET)
Cameron Crozman & Guest

Each event will be available on our website. Each link will be posted the Friday before (2 days prior) on our social media pages and on the home page of our website. These are freeevents but donations are always welcome to help the Festival to continue providing these special series. 😊

Our first session, with Eric Friesen, will be available via this link (or the button below):

Sounds Easy with Eric Friesen



It will come as no surprise that tickets for the 2021 Festival will be greatly reduced in number. As we write this we are hoping vaccination rates will go up and infection rates will go down sufficiently to allow us to have 50 seats available per show.

Watch for our upcoming Season launch, which will include details on acquiring tickets for this year! 

Everyone here is eager to see our Festival Family again and we will do everything in our power to ensure our time together is safe and enjoyable.

James Campbell
Michael Martyn


We’ve made it through a tough year and we are celebrating! 

Due to the ongoing pandemic and physical distancing requirements currently in place, please take notice that the Festival of the Sound’s Annual General Meeting will occur online-onlyagain this year on Monday, May 17th at 5 PM (EDT).

Members in good standing* are invited to attend the virtual AGM. 

This will be a great opportunity to hear from Artistic Director James Campbell, our Board of Directors, and staff about our many successes over the past tremendously challenging year and how we are thriving into the future.

In addition to the regular business, such as the election of Directors, presentation of Financial Statements, etc., this gathering will feature special musical performances.

If you wish to attend the virtual AGM, please sign up by emailing  RSVP@festivalofthesound.ca. Please include your name and preferred email in the body of your email.  Starting next week, those who sign up to attend will receive a reply email confirming membership status and providing further information about how to join in the online meeting. 

Please note: Per Festival bylaws, to vote at the AGM membership must be in good standing as of April 17, 2021 (30 days before the AGM).
Membership in the Festival of the Sound is automatic for a one year period for individuals who make a charitable donation in an amount equal to or greater than the minimum amount as set by the Board of Directors.
* Membership in good standing for the 2021 AGM is by a charitable donation to the Festival of the Sound in the amount of $50 or more in the period between May 20, 2020 and May 17, 2021.

Staff Sounds – Yelyzaveta (Lisa) HorbunovaMarketing & PR Coordinator

Staff Sounds is a new feature in our newsletters! Each month learn a little more about the incredible staff that help to make the Festival run as smoothly as possible!

First up is Lisa Horbunova, our new Marketing & PR Coordinator intern!

1. Tell us a little about your life in Ukraine; where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Ukraine. As I spent my childhood and teenage years there, I associate this country with carefreeness, easiness, and joy. But in fact, life in Ukraine is far from that. We have an ongoing war since 2014, enormous corruption, and an unstable economy. At the same time, Ukraine is proud of its fascinating nature, kind and hospitable people, rich history, and culture. I had a chance to live in the two biggest Ukrainian cities – Kharkiv and Dnipro, but I travelled a lot around the country and saw many breathtaking things such as the Carpathian mountains, pink lakes, endless fields, and old fortresses. I love my home country, no matter what the circumstances are – it is where I grew up and became who I am now. Maybe, seeing how complicated life can be, hardened me and made me braver.

2. What made you decide to come to Canada?
I moved to Canada at the age of 17 for education. Development, studies, and career are vital things in my life and Canada is proud of its high-quality education; a lot of students come here with this purpose. I know that I could move to a European country and study there, but I have never been afraid of changing my life dramatically; that’s why I moved to another continent.

3. Why did you decide to pursue a career in Marketing?
The most responsible choice in my life was the easiest one since I have never had any hesitations about my career because marketing is between analytics, research, numbers and creativity, unexpected ideas, and fantasy. Marketing is a very diverse sphere that includes so much that constant learning is essential.

4. What excites you about the Festival of the Sound?
I love when people/organizations/companies have big ideas in their minds; I mean when they are not only looking for profit but also for making an impact. Festival of the Sound is definitely such a type of organization; it aims to build relationships and to reflect and enhance our lives through great music. One more thing that excites me a lot is people. The entire team is so friendly, respectful, and motivated that such a work environment inspires me a lot! 

5. What are some ideas you have for how we can reach a younger audience?
As I am only 18 now, I am one who represents youth well and we are looking for emotions, feelings, memories. Powerful music can definitely make you feel a lot, but making our concerts more unusual has a vast potential too, I think. We already have some ideas, and hopefully, we will implement them in real life! Also, social media is an asset for a younger audience, so we will develop our brand there too. Keep an eye on our social media pages; we have many exciting plans!

Thank you, Lisa!

Next month’s Staff Sounds will feature:
Chris Todd | Stage Manager & Assistant to the Artistic Director

Virtual Plant Sale 2021

Hello, Festival of the Sound Plant Lovers!

It was our wish to have you all visit us at the Festival of the Sound Office this year but due to the COVID-19 restrictions that is not allowed. However, we are excited to again host our SECOND ANNUAL VIRTUAL PLANT SALE.

Our goal this year is to raise $4000!! We have appreciated the generosity of our plant patrons in the past and anticipate this year will be just as successful!

Beginning Saturday, May 15th you will be able to visit our Festival eShoppe and start your shopping! We will be offering a wide variety of plants for sale along with our famous mystery plants. The online sale will continue until Saturday, May 29th. We encourage you to shop early but also visit our eShoppe often to keep up to date on the plants available.

After placing your order you will receive a confirmation email containing information regarding your order (i.e., plant(s) ordered and the grand total) for your records. Within the next 1-2 business days, you will also receive an email from us with a designated time for you to pick up your plants (see below). We will allow a time interval between pick up times to ensure we are following the physical distancing practices.

On Saturday, June 5th we will have Festival volunteers at the Festival Office (1 Avenue Road, Parry Sound) to assist you with picking up your plants. Please do not exit your vehicle; we will be happy to transport them directly to your vehicle.

DON’T NEED ANY MORE PLANTS? No problem! Please consider donating to our Festival of the Sound 2nd Annual Virtual Plant Sale.

Keep your eye out for more updates as we get closer to the date!
While the Shoppe on Avenue Road is closed to the public at this time, online shopping & curbside pick-up is still available.

Visit our eShoppe at fots-eshop.myshopify.com