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Charitable Registration Number: 10738 1311 RR0001

We are very pleased that generous and inspired members of the Festival’s Board of Directors and staff are matching gifts up to to $41,000 as part of this year’s lobby fundraiser, a campaign to bring poor old Beethoven back to life

This is your chance to see your donation doubled – dollar for dollar! Your donation will work twice as hard and the $82,000 that is raised will help the Festival achieve its amazing world-class programming and the technology to bring it to the world in 2021!   

Bring Beethoven Back to Life!

Poor Beethoven! Born 250 years ago he was a fiery hot force of nature during his 57 years on the planet. 🔥 Sadly, his lengthy underground sojourn has chilled him to the bone and completely sapped his colour. COVID-19 hasn’t helped any either; a year that was to be filled with his music has been stolen away from him! 😔 He desperately needs your love and warmth to help us continue his legacy far into the future. Give generously. 💞

Every $410 raised will uncover one piece of the jigsaw puzzle and help revive one of history’s greatest composers. 🧩 Help the great composer celebrate his 250th birthday and bring colour to his statue. When we reach our goal of $41,000, the matching will be reached, the puzzle will be solved, and the statue complete (including the visiting pigeon!). 🕊️