July 2021 Newsletter


We have re-opened our doors at the Festival of the Sound Gift Shop. To welcome you back we’re starting our 2021 season with a BLOW-OUT Summer Sale.

We are offering all in-stock ladies wear, including scarves, wraps, and ponchos, at COST PRICES. Watches and various “one-of” items are also marked down for quick sale.

The sale takes place at the Festival Station Office on 1 Avenue Road until July 31.

The Gift Shop hours:
Monday-Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday 24th and 31st: 10 am – 4 pm

Come on in and treat yourself, buy something awesome for your bestie, or just drop by to say “hello”. We really miss you and are looking forward to seeing you soon!


In 2021 our focus remains on delivering high-quality classical music that generates strong emotions, even though the way we are delivering music is different this year. To that end, our artists are rehearsing diligently now for the recordings of the August and Autumn virtual shows. Some days rehearsals and recordings add-up to 12 hours at the Stockey Centre, but both staff and artists work tirelessly to deliver you the best product possible. 

During the rehearsals, staff have had an opportunity to hear how artists’ performances are born. Hearing the musicians’ stories opens a new perspective on their craft and their personal approach to each piece. That’s why we think our pre-show Happy Hour and post-show Night Cap  Zoom chat sessions with the artists will be  valued by our patrons: you may learn more about an artist’s approach to the music, or even discover a new appreciation of an old favourite. Join in and immerse yourself in the experience.


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We’ve all missed live music; and that’s why our live musical cruise series on Georgian Bay is so special this year.

Already we’ve enjoyed the lively mix of folk tunes by the End of the Road band and acoustic blues by JUNO Nominated artist Rick Fines. But as they say, that ship has sailed.

Fortunately, there are still two more opportunities to board the Island Queen with the Festival crew. 

July 25, marvel at one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes while listening to the inspiring Celtic sounds of Scantily Plaid. 
And on August 1 join the Dave Young Quartet featuring Michael Dunston for an evening of jazz and Georgian Bay. 

Imagine yourself on beautiful Georgian Bay with its natural beauty, live music, and happy faces. It’s how memories are made.
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Music Cruise FAQs

Continuing with our staff introductions, meet Kyra Ruggles, Gift Shop & Administrative Assistant

– Hi Kyra, It is your third summer working for Festival of the Sound. How has the Festival changed during these years? 

– Hi! I think the most evident change over the past three years would definitely be the change of venues for events which was greatly impacted by COVID-19. Rather than having the Stockey Centre completely full of people looking forward to listening to the music live it’s now through a screen. Even with the pandemic we still manage to share the importance of music throughout the community and find ways to improve daily. If anything the Festival has grown as it does yearly by welcoming more and more patrons and a wider range of events and artists.

– You have studied clarinet for more than six years and played in the senior band at the high school. What sparked your passion for music? Why have you chosen the clarinet among all the musical instruments?

– When I was three I started dancing ballet and I was always surrounded by classical music so it wasn’t long until I found a love for not only classical but all types of music as well. My grandma would play piano while I danced in her living room which led me to start piano lessons and eventually in grade four I was asked to choose an instrument. There was no specific reason I was led to the clarinet; I just grabbed a random case from the shelf and it just so happened to be the clarinet. Since then I have tried other instruments like the guitar, flute, and trumpet, but none of them felt the same as the clarinet. 

– From a young age, you have been involved in instrumental music and have been brought up in a very musical environment. As a highschool student, talk about how your peers relate to classical music.

– Classical music has been around for a very long time and since it first started so many other genres of music have been introduced. I find younger generations most go to the music that seems to be trending rather than less current songs. Especially since classical music isn’t as present in video games or TV shows, many aren’t introduced to classical music enough to become interested in it. If it weren’t for the music program at my school I wouldn’t know much about the genre either and a lot of schools can’t afford to have that program, which could be a reason why so many kids aren’t as interested in the classical arts anymore. 

– How do you think the Festival should attract a younger audience?

– Although the Festivals main focus is classical music we do have events with other genres of music which I think tend to attract a younger audience. Many people of my generation aren’t drawn to classical music which is why I think our other events such as jazz weekends or folk music with vocals or more of a beat to the music bring in a wider age demographic.

Thank you, Kyra! Next month Staff Sounds will feature Chrystal, Box Office Assistant.