Letter from Lydia Adams: Reflections on Mother’s Day

Lydia Adams, artistic director and conductor of the Elmer Iseler Singers, has been a part of our Festival Family for over 30 years. Below is a letter of her reflections on Mother’s Day.
Hello Friends of the Elmer Iseler Singers,
I wish for each and every one of you good health during these unsettling times.
On Mother’s Day, I was thinking of my mother, Florence, and of the tremendous support she gave me throughout my life in every way. She encouraged me and boosted me when I needed help, and without her, I likely would not have had the confidence to get out in front of a choir and would not have had the marvellous training right from the start with her, through my education at Mount Allison and then on with Sir David Willcocks in England, from whom I learned so much. I spent time thinking of how my mother would have reacted to the present world situation, and I think she would have definitely been a front line worker, as she was all her life, as a Registered Nurse in Nova Scotia and throughout her life, when the need arose, in many ways.
We all need supporters in our lives. I always thought that it is a lonely and silent conductor who doesn’t have their instrument in front of them to make the magic that is choral music and I am finding out the reality of that thought now. I never anticipated that the time would come when choirs, orchestras, chamber groups, etc., could not meet in the same room to make music.
I am also realizing that, for choral music, the music making is so much enhanced by the close friendships and camaraderie in the group and among our wide circle of friends.
We all applaud our front line heroes in health care and those bringing us our food and supplies during the time of this Pandemic, but I want to take a moment to thank you, our front line supporters in the Arts, for continuing to support our organizations as we all transform to a still-undefined future. What is ahead is still unknown, but I just wanted to thank you all – the wonderful Singers, our incredibly committed Board members and staff along with our dedicated audience members and supporters across the country.
In spite of the snow this morning, the Spring is coming. ‘For Lo! the Winter is past…the time of the singing of birds is come’.
The earth brings the signs of hope and we will all sing again.
Thank you, all.
Lydia Adams