Are you interested in joining a dynamic Board of Directors? Would you like to participate in the summer’s hottest musical event?

The Festival is recruiting new directors; community members who have the enthusiasm, the commitment and the skills to help us move forward. As a working board, members will find themselves immersed in the challenges associated with mounting a world class event. They will be involved in the practical day to day business, as well as the strategic planning for the Festival’s future. The potential recruit will likely possess several of the following qualifications:

  • They welcome the opportunity to work with a team of multi-skilled volunteers
  • They are able to spend a minimum of ten hours a month attending board meetings, working on committees and acting as ambassadors for the Festival
  • They have acquired skills in the fields of management, marketing, finance and/ or accounting
  • They embrace the challenges of fundraising and the building of long term relationships with donors
  • They are knowledgeable in the use of social media and are willing to apply this expertise to the business of festival marketing
  • They have experience in working with other non-profit boards
  • They have often collaborated successfully with others in the promotion of a community project

As the makeup of the board of directors changes from year to year, the skill sets of it’s members must be reevaluated.

If you feel you have skills that you would like to contribute to the health of the Festival of the Sound, we’d like to hear from you

Please express your interest to Ian by email via

While we are grateful for any and all interest shown, there are a limited number of openings, and we are looking to fill the skill sets of departing directors. For those who are not chosen: We keep your applications on file for a time when the skills offered meet the specific needs of the board.