The Music Never Stops: April 16, 2020

Johannes Brahms was a prolific composer and was a good friend of Robert Schumann (featured in Leopoldo’s last video) and his wife Clara. Around 1890 Brahms seemed to have lost his muse and quit composing; however, that all changed when he heard clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld performing Weber’s “Clarinet Concerto No. 1” and Mozart’s “Clarinet Quintet”. This reignited Brahms’ passion and he began composing again. Among these are his famed “Clarinet Trio”, “Clarinet Quintet”, and “Clarinet Sonata Nos. 1 & 2”. Today Leopoldo shares with us another piece written within this period: his “Intermezzo, Op. 117 No. 1”.

Leopoldo Erice – Un poco de musica – Day 12