The Music Never Stops: April 28, 2020

Today’s video from Leopoldo features Debussy’s “La cathédrale engloutie” (The Submerged Cathedral). This piece is “based on an ancient Breton myth in which a cathedral, submerged underwater off the coast of the Island of Ys, rises up from the sea on clear mornings when the water is transparent. Sounds can be heard of priests chanting, bells chiming, and the organ playing, from across the sea.” Can you see the connections that Debussy made in this piece with the harmonies he’s chosen? Also, two fun facts about the set of preludes this piece is a part of:

1. This set of preludes also includes his famous “La fille aux cheveux de lin“

2. Debussy places the title at the END of each prelude… any theories why that might be? 🙂

Leopoldo Erice – Un poco de musica – Day 18