Dear Friends,

We’re having a 40th anniversary party and you’re invited! We’ve also invited as many friends as we could to celebrate with us, including my colleagues from festivals across Canada and around the world.

40 years in the future seems a lot further away than 40 years in the past. I wonder if that group of local music enthusiasts who attended the exploratory concert presented by Anton Kuerti on August 5, 1979 could have imagined the Festival of the Sound as it is today. Could they have imagined that the Festival would now be the second largest economic generator in the area?

You may notice that we have a Celebration Day planned for August 9th. Is it a series of concerts or is it a day-long party? Don’t miss this fun-filled day of music, an event only the Festival of the Sound could dream up.

It is hard to thank everyone who has played an important role in the Festival’s success, but I will try: thanks to Board members, volunteers, staff, artists, funding agencies, corporate sponsors, individual sponsors and donors, composers and of course, our loyal audience.

Come to the party!!

James Campbell
Artistic Director